Jornadas de resistencia indefinida

Peligro inminente de desalojo, demolicion y encarcelamiento de 6 personas del pueblo de Fraguas.
No podemos permitirlo. Hacemos un llamamiento a las jornadas de resistencia indefinidas con el fin de pararlo. Esto solo podra parase si hay una afluecia masiva de gente dispuesta a defender el proyecto. No hay una fecha concreta para la demolición pero hay muchos preparativos que hacer y necesitamos ayuda. Pretendemos utilizar técnicas de resistencia pacifica y desobediencia.
Quieren destruir la autonomía, la vida en comunidad, la autosuficiencia, la autogestión, el mundo rural, a sus habitantes y la cultura tradicional.
Quieren manejar todo a sus anchas, la sociedad civil tiene que decir basta. Con toda la humildad queremos invocar el espíritu de otras luchas como las de Sasé, las Zad, Hambach y otras muchas historias de resistencia que aunque no siempre conservaron el espacio sirven de semilla o inspiración para todxs.
Quieren encarcelar a 6 personas por delitos que fue el gobierno Franquista quien los cometió, usurpando ls casas y tierras a su legítimos dueños y cambiando la ordenación territorial que tuvo durante más de 5 siglos. Encarcelarles como especuladores inmobiliarios, irónico cuando corruptos y especuladores estan en las cortes.
A todas las personas que habeis venido alguna vez, o si no habeis venido nunca y quereis verlo vivo es el momento de venir a defenderlo, si esperas quizas sea demasiado tarde. Ahora o nunca.
Un abrazo a toda la peña viva la autogestion.
Traduce y difunde este texto,y acude a Fraguas.

From Fraguas, we make a call to all those living abroad and willing to give us any form of support. We need as much dissemination as possible in order to stop the national forces from getting away with it and demolish our village. Ideally, people with experience of political activism and self-organized structures would be much appreciated to come to Fraguas and join forces, however, since its not always possible to travel long distances, any action taken would be more than appreciated.In case you haven’t heard from Fraguas, it is a revitalised village, emptied to make way for a reforestation programme in 1968 and located in the Guadalajara province. For some years, it was used as a training area for Spanish soldiers, during which houses were blown up. In 2011 it was inexplicably declared as Natural Park — the area where it stands is far from what it is to be considered as National Park: a piece of land protected for its biology, geology, or landscape, with ecological, aesthetic, educational, or scientific value. At this point, it is important to take into account that the area of Fraguas has been and is currently being used as a hunting ground where clearing of trees practices are also happening. With that in mind, a couple of years later, in 2013, a group of young settlers decided to take action and started rebuilding it until today.Everything was going smoothly; solar panels have been installed, a vegetable garden has been grown and 5 stone houses have been built and inhabited by members of this young collective that only aims to repopulate and give formerly demolished villages a second chance in agreement with those that were originally born there. Unfortunately, the Council of Castilla-La Mancha did not wait long and soon, legal proceedings started, creating controversy and social confrontation. Six members of the collective could face fines, more than four years’ imprisonment each and a 26 000 € bill to demolish what they have built as we speak.Until further notice, the community of Fraguas has declared a state of resistance and is getting ready for the worst case scenario to become real. The authorities are supposed to arrive at any moment from now on, and destroy 6 years of work and passion thrown into a project that does not bother anybody, but the law. Therefore, once again, we make a call to those willing to actively participate in the movement and try to avoid the disaster in whichever way they can.Should you be interested in travelling all the way to Fraguas, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can provide you with information and even transportation when coming from Madrid, Guadalajara and other Spanish cities.Help us resist and let’s keep creating a better world to live in!